Love, Understanding, and Resolution for Animals with People

About Me

My Story

All my life I have spoken to and heard the animals. When I was very young I just thought everyone did but quickly realized this was not the case as no one seemed to "see" and "hear" what I did. Having spent a lifetime working hands on with all types of "pets",  exotic animals, trained, worked in veterinarian care, and been actively involved in promoting rescue services, it is humbling to now get to share all this knowledge with others. By helping to read their animals is now the way I share this magical gift so they too can "hear" their furry children. Every reading is different as we and our pets are all unique. 

Join me as we travel the world, help others, grow in knowledge, and every day help the animals.


My Gift

I imagine every psychic is different, so for me my best connection is You. Your relationship/tie to your pet, living or not, is my connection to you both. That is why I do not need to have us all in the same place or even the same plain. Let me help you strengthen that bond with better understanding for you both.

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