Love, Understanding, and Resolution for Animals with People

Client Stories!!

Butter the Cat


Had just met Aminah when she gave me a ride home. Butter was there to greet us and she asked if he was ok. With her encouragement to take him to the Vet, found out he had a 103 temperature! 

Happy the Puppy

those aren't puppies!!

Those aren't Puppies!!

Maybe Baby


Maybe ran away! Remotely Aminah was able to see where she was and how I was going to have to work to get her back. We worked together for some time to get Maybe to forgive me and move to our new house.

Timid Tucker


Adopted at 11 years old but never handled, pet, or more then furniture, this scared big guy was my biggest pet challenge yet. Needed all my psychic ability to convince him I was friend, not foe. 

Howling Toby


Couldn't understand why Toby howled when we left the house so asked Aminah for help. Was he scared, stressed, or.... we didn't know. Well, he knew it bothered us and he loved to do it so waited until we left to have his "fun". 



Wanted to adopt my first pet so asked Aminah to help. She came to the shelters with me and we found my baby Jackson. A year later and he is my Love.