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No matter the distance, we are all connected. Let me help cut through the fog!

Personal Psychic Readings & Training Tips

By phone from anywhere, or in person if you are in California 

Group Readings, Classes, & Lectures 

 Group readings are perfect when all your friends have (or had) pets, for parties, or other special events. 

Book what works best for you or come to a class to learn for yourself how to communicate more effectively with your pet.

Costs for Personal Readings -  Phone: $1 a minute, $60 minimum.  In person: Transportation costs plus $75 an hour.

For Groups:  Please Contact for a quote

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About Me


All my life I have spoken to and heard the animals. When I was very young I just thought everyone did but quickly realized this was not the case as no one seemed to "see" and "hear" what I did. Having spent a lifetime working hands on with all types of "pets",  exotic animals, trained, worked in veterinarian care, and been actively involved in promoting rescue services, it is humbling to now get to share all this knowledge with others. By helping to read their animals is now the way I share this magical gift so they too can "hear" their furry children. Every reading is as different as we are, as well as our pets are all unique. 

Join me as we travel the world, help others, grow in our knowledge, and every day help the animals.



Types of Help I can Give


Is your pet having a health or behavior problem?

Will you be introducing a new family member?

Is there a burning question about their behavior?

Want help getting the right Pet?

Has your pet gotten lost or run away?

Adopting and want to know more about their past or help choosing? 

Experienced a loss and need help with the passing?

Need help with end of life decisions?   

 I Can Help as your Psychic Source & Animal Trainer.

We All Love Our Pets!

                                   Here is a great laugh for today!  Enjoy pet therapy at its best!


How Does a Reading Work?

 My gift works with tapping into You. Bringing in your relationship(s). If this is your pet, your neighbors, your childs, or you are looking into adopting, I can help with the decisions, needs, possible issues, and so much more. Most people would say I Read people just as much (or better) then their pets. Well, one must, because a relationship requires all parties to "understand" each other. That is where I come in. With the translation, definition of issues/solutions, and a team member in helping you understand your choices. Because remember, we all have Free Will. Pets & their people. 

For one on one personal readings contact me to set up an appointment and give a small description on what issues you are having. We will then make  a that works for us both. Because my gift is spiritually/relationship based, I can do a Reading from anywhere.


Invite Your Friends & Let's Do it Together

  Would your group, organization, or friends like to know more about how to talk with their pets! Let's plan an event. This can be with or without your furry companions. 

How Do Animals Speak?

  All animals speak differently so the information might come in pictures, emotions, or actual words. 

  Think of someone from a different culture, country, background, how they express themselves might be very different. The same is true for our pets. This is why I will give you ways to "talk" with your pets, techniques on how to work together better, and maybe even get to settle some difficulties you both are having.     

  Yes, animals don't always like the way we do things, or us them, but we can learn together. Let me be your interpreter!

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