Love, Understanding, and Resolution for Animals with People

Introducing Aminah!

What does it look like when I come to give a talk?

So many people wonder what a speaker will be like when they come. Here is a small sample of my introduction on how my gift works and my speaking style. I think everyone should not only be entertained but leave with answers to their pet questions. 

Let's Get Together!

Dynamic Speaker! Teacher & Event Enrichment Coordinator

  Everywhere I go I hear: "Wow, I have never met a Pet Psychic. Can you talk to my............." My style is light, fun, informative, and educational. My hope is everyone leaves a little bit lighter than when they came.



                          Giving a Presentation/Talk and Q & A

  Have a lifetime of public speaking experience most assuredly because I enjoy it so much. My style is light & fun, educational, inclusive, and interactive. We can all learn from each other’s experiences and love to share our stories.

  Am able to tailor for all types of venues, people, and situations.                                               Questions are encouraged.



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Types of Services offered

  • Personal Pet Psychic Readings
  • Training, & Health Guidance 
  • Group/Event Talks with Personal  Readings
  • Lectures on topic of choice 

                                                                                                         BOOK AN EVENT For Your:

                                                                                                                        Senior Living Facility

                                                                                                                     Company Party

                                                                                                             Educational Workshop

                                                                                                      Family/Group/Event Fun 

                                                                                              Spiritual Gatherings

                                                                        Even Your Pets Birthday!!


The reason my classes are sold out and people ask me back is because I care deeply about their experience. Did I answer their questions, did they feel heard, did they get some resolution/closure with their issue, but am always honest with sharing the truth of what your animals are going through, and did everyone have some fun on the way.                                

                                                                                                                                                                                   BOOKING Something is Easy                                            


When Contacting us please give:

  • The Date
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  • Location
  • Audience Description
  • Any Special Requests

Psychic Readings for You & Your pet

Each booking is Unique 

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